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Summer Retreat begins at the Abbey

Posted on: 2013-07-22
What is the Rainy Season Retreat? 2500 years ago, Buddha Shakyamuni, implemented the annual Rainy Season Retreat (Vassa in Pali) for the benefit of his followers and for the greater benefit of all sentient beings.

Due to the heavy monsoon rainfall in India, it was impractical for Lord Buddha and his Sangha to continue their customary daily walk from village to village in order to beg for their food. In addition, during monsoon, the number of insects inhabiting the muddy footpaths and the surrounding jungle greatly increased. To protect these tiny beings from being crushed under foot and to prevent the crops in the farmers' fields from being trampled, the Buddha asked his followers to settle in one place for a period of three months.
Each summer, the Buddha and his ordained Sangha would settle on the outskirts of a village and spend their days quietly meditating. This was also an opportune time for the Sangha to clarify their understanding of
ry aspect of the Buddha's teachings. In years to come, the sutras were written down based on the question and answer sessions that unfolded during these Rainy Season Retreats of long ago.
In tribute to the wisdom and compassion of Lord Buddha, every summer the Buddhist ordained throughout the world engage in some form of Rainy Season Retreat. Commencing from the full moon of the 6th lunar month until the new moon of the 7th lunar month of the Tibetan calendar, the nuns of Thrangu Tara Abbey gather together to observe their annual Rainy Season Retreat (Yar-ney in Tibetan) During these six weeks, the assembly of nuns confine themselves strictly to the monastery grounds where all their daily needs are provided and where distractions are avoided. Additionally, this is a special time for reviewing what has been learned in classes throughout the year, for making an intensive study of the Buddhist scriptures and for contemplating and strictly adhering to their Vinaya vows.
During the Rains Retreat, the lay community traditionally supports the Sangha by offering meals and clothing.
If you would like to gather merit by supporting the nunss during the retreat, please contact the Manager Ani Karma Dolkar Lhamo at 977-1-4276715 or email us at

Breakfast offering Nrs. 5000,
Lunch offering Nrs. 10000,
Whole day meals offering Nrs. 16000


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