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Hand made incense of Tara Abbey



The nun doctors make incense from the precious trees growing in the mountains at Tsurphu Monastery in Tibet. This monastery is the seat of the Karmapas and the legend is that the 3rd Karmapa, RangjungDorje, blessed the mountains with his hair and from his hair, trees rose up. These trees are widely known in Tibet for purifying obstacles and bringing good fortune.

The Tara Abbey incense is sold in some centers in the west including the store at KTD (in the US), Namse Bangzo, where it can be ordered online. It can also be purchased online through Essence Of The Ages:

Many of Rinpoche's students in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan also like Tara Abbey hand made incense and order frequently.

If you would like to order our incense directly then contact us at:


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