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Tsokdra Studies


Tsokdra Nuns

Tsokdra Nuns do a regular prayer schedule with daily prayers morning, afternoon and evening includes recitation of Green Tara and Mahakala. Nuns perform all day prayers on special days such as GyalwaGyamtso (Red Chenreyzig) on the 8th day of each month of the Tibetan calendar, KunchokChindu (Guru Rinpoche) prayers on Guru Rinpoche Day which falls on the 10th of each month and eight other all-day prayers which must be recited monthly.


There are also special ceremony programs such as Vajrasattva, Chakrasamvara and Vajrayogini prayers that last for several days and are performed during various times of the year. The Kangyur, which is the collected sutras of the Buddha, is also recited yearly from the 3rd day of the 3rd month. The nuns, taking turns, are holding continuous Nunye (Thousand Arm Chenreyzig) practice that others can take part in.


They also have Torma making (offering cake) classes, Tibetan grammar and phonetic classes, Ritual practice class and Nepali and English Language class.


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